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Peale History Center and Library

Welcome to the Peale History Center and Library.  The History Center and Library was created as a place for spiritual encouragement and the study of positive thinking as a modern way of Christian life.  On display is an impressive collection of memorabilia marking the five pillars of the ministry of Dr. and Mrs. Norman Vincent Peale.  We welcome you to see the collection and visit our library.

Included in the displays are original manuscripts by Dr. Peale, awards, photos and other historical items marking the Peale's life and times.

The library provides a wealth of information for anyone seeking to do research on Dr. Peale or positive thinking.     

Senior pastor of New York's Marble Collegiate Church for 52 years, Dr. Peale was also the author of fourty-seven books, of which The Power of Positive Thinking, one of the most successful books ever published, has been translated into forty-two languages, with a sale of over 27 million copies worldwide.  The title has become part of the English language.  His last published work before his death on Christmast Eve, 1993, was Bible Power for Successful Living.  

Dr. Peale was co-founder and co-publisher, with his wife, Ruth Stafford Peale, of the inspirational monthly magazine, Guideposts, circulation of 4 million paid subscribers, with 15 million readers each month.   

We invite you as well to rest awhile in our prayer chapel to relax from the stress of the world.  


Latest News

Dr. Peale once wrote: "I read about a young man who liked to play the horses. At a local store he came upon a book entitled "You Can Win," and thinking it was a tip sheet, he purchased it. Imagine his surprise when he got to the race track and discovered it was a book by Norman Vincent Peale on how to win the game of life. He tells me that he didn't pick any winning horses that day, but that it was the luckiest day he ever had, because through that book he came to know Jesus Christ as his Savior.You never know when or how the simple message of the Gospel is going to reach a person. That young man found life when his attention was diverted from horse racing to a book about the magic of believing. His betting on the horses didn't pay off, but the magic of believing will pay dividend beyond compare through all the days of his life.

     I call your attention to a text in the New Testament bearing on this point. It's Mark 9:23 and it's probably one of the greatest gems of truth you'll ever find. It says, "Anything is possible for someone who has faith." Notice that there is a condition. You are offered something tremendous, but only if you have faith. In depth belief requires giving your whole self to it. It isn't the glib recital of a creed. But if you can overcome your doubts and your negative thinking and rerally, deeply believe, you'll thereby enter into a life transformed. This is the magic of believeing. Belief is factual, it is truth. The magic of believing is the manifestation of one of the greatest powers in the universe, the power of thought. By our thoughts we either create of destroy. You can tear your life down by destructive thinking, but you can build your life up by thinking constructively."

Join us on 8/17 for the NVP video, "What Faith Can Do For You." Any time between 11:30am and 3pm. The exhibits and prayer chapel will be open all day as well.

Dr. Peale once wrote - "The great people who have earned the admiration of this country have been those who weren't afraid of anybody. Thake Grover Cleveland for example. The Democratic Convention that nominated him for president declared, "We love him for the enemies he has made." During the campaign advisors kept reminding Cleveland that, in order to be elected, he would have to caryy New York State. They told him that the bosses of Tammany Hall, a notorious political machine, wanted a little private get together to learn what Cleveland planned to do for them. But Cleveland refused to meet with the Tammany Hall bosses. When Cleveland's campiagning brought him to New York City, he attended a dinner at which two of the leading Tammany Hall bosses were  present. After dinner the men wanted to know, 'What will you give us?' 'I will not give you a single solitary thing,' Cleveland answered. Nevertheless, the bosses of Tammany Hall grudgingly respected Cleveland's bluntness and honesty. They got behind him and helped him carry New York State.

     Jeremiah 1:8 says, 'I promise to with you and keep you sahe, so don't be afraid.' In a similar way to Cleveland God will help you to resist the pressures of fear and intimidation. God is with you. You can stand in the presence of difficulties, pain, onslaughts, resistence, criticism, anything and not be afraid. One of the great qualities of Jesus was His ability to take complicated philsophical ideas and make them simple. And this is a great simple fact: God is with you."


Join us on the 27th anytime between 11:30am and 3pm to learn how to get fear out of your mind. The exhibits and prayer chapel will be open all day as well.

Dr. Peale once wrote: "Once when I was sitting ina hotel coffee shop having an early breakfast alon, with the morning paper in front of me, reading all the gloomy news of the day, in came a man and, with a cheerful good morning to the cashier at the door and to the waiters, came walking through the place, saw me and apparently knew me, for he pulled up a chair, asking, "May I sit down with you?" Before I could say yes or no, there he was. He shook out his napkin and exclaimed, "Boy, this is going to be another great day!"

     I was astonished to hear that kind of conversation so early in the morning. I saked, "How do you know it's going to be a great day."

     "Because," he answered, "the good God makes it that way with our cooperation."

     "I gather you've had many good days," I said to him.

     "Oh, yes," he assured me, "I actually haven't had a bad day since I learned a great spiritual truth."

     "And what might that be," I saked.

     "I learned that if I pass a series of expectancy thoughts through my mind every morning, God will bring my great expectations to pass. Oh," he looked at me and smiled, "I'm sure you know the secret is living with the Lord. He's great! He has the power over any day. He can bring the good out. Therefore I just go along with Him, passing expectancy thoughts through my mind."

     May I ask you, my reader, a question? What kind of expectation thoughts have you in your mind right now? Don't go from day to day expecting the bad to happen -- that sickness is going to overtake you or things are not going to work out well. Don't do that. Turn yourself and live! Everyday begin the day with the Lord Jesus Christ and pass expectancy thoughts through your mind -- and you will for a fact turn yourself and live as never before."

Join us at the Peale Library for the sermon video "Excited Living for Excited People" it will be shown throughout the day on April 20. The exhibits and prayer chapel will also be open.

Dr. Peale once wrote: "I like to talk on the relationship of religion to health because Jesus did also. If you were to take a pair of scissors and cut from the New Testament every passage having to do with Jesus as a healer, you would greatly reduce the Book. Jesus went everywhere healing people and giving them health.

     But what do we mean by healing and what do we mean by health? I have a habit, which I think is a good habit, of reading the dictionary rather regularly. I just sit down and read it at random, studying the meaning and origin of words. The dictionary is a fascinating book because words are fascination. They are dynamic tools of communication. One of the greatest things a human being can do is communicate. This we do largely by means of words, their shadings, their inflections, their strength, their softness, their potency.

     Sometimes we use many familiar words with no real greasp of their full meaning. Take the word health for example. I suppose the average person would say by health we mean not being sick. And speaking of sickness, we would be thinking of diseases or ailments of the physical body. Webster's Dictionary has several paragraphs on the word health, and the definitions are supplimented by illustrative qoutations. However the fundemental thought is this: Disease is the absence of ease. It involves stress, tension, confusion. The person who is diseased is out of harmony with the sources of well-being.

     On the other hand, health is the opposite of all this. It is the, "state of being haleor sound in body , mind or soul." The English word health derives from an old Anglo-Saxon  worl 'hal,' from which is also derived the English word 'whole.' In other words, the concepts of health and wholeness are related. A healthy person is one whose body, mind and soul are functioning harmoniosly, with each part contributing to the well-being of the whole."

Join us on April 6, any time between 11:30am and 3pm the film will be shown throughout the day. The Prayer Chapel and museum will be open all day also.

Peale Library will host the Guideposts Annual Good Friday Day of Prayer on March 25 from 8am-5pm. The library will be closed March 23 for set up.

Dr. Peale once wrote: "Years ago I sat in the dining room of the Royal York Hotel in Toronto with a gathering of advertising and sales people to whom I had been asked to sepak. I percieved I was going to have a very sophisticated and dynamic audience and remarked to the man who was sitting on my right, with whom I had just become acquainted, that I felt power in the room. I thought it must be from the quality of these people.

     'Oh,' he said, 'don't be so sure the power is from these people. I've been praying,' he informed me, 'for this meeting.' This remark startled me because I hadn't expected to encounter such ardor. I sometimes forget what an immense spiritual stirring there is in people's hearts today.

     The man then said to me, 'I found two things in life that made everything different for me. The first - and it was the greatest single experience I ever had -  was finding Jesus Christ and committing my life to Him. And the second thing was that I learned to pray. These tow things,' he declared, 'revolutionized my life.' And he added, 'What a pity so many human beings never find Christ and never learn to pray. They miss the greatest things in this life.'

     This is what Jesus has been saying to us through the years. Really astute people make this discovery. Christ can change your life. Prayer can change your life."

     Join us on March 25 to pray for some of the thousands of prayer request that have been received by Guideposts for this day. There will be refreshmants and The Sound of Life will be broadcasting live from here throughout the day. We will be showing three NVP sermon videos, "Tha Joy of Life All Your Life," "Wonderful New Life For You,"  and "The Glory of Life Beyond." There will also be museum tours throughout the day.

Dr. Peale once wrote, "To find life full of meaning, live a bigger and better life. A tremendous text tells us this. Hang on to Mark 1:17, because it is worth its weight in gold. The text begins, 'Come with Me! I will teach you...' His words are very meaningful, for Jesus is working to teach us, to get people to become new creations, our true selves.

     You have a self. I have a self. But the problem is, lots of people have never entered into their true selfhood. They have been only part of themselves, they have put on false, misleading pseudo-selves; they have tried to become somebody else. Trying to gain acceptance, many people put together a composite self made of often conflicting, self-defeating components.

     But almighty God put in us this urge to be genuine, remade in His image. You are never going to be released and happy, you are never going to be successful, until you are yourself at its best, your whole self, bigger than you have ever been before. And the Lord tells us how to do it, 'Come with Me! I will teach you...'

     Form a picture of what you want to become, what you want yourself to be, and be it.You may protest that there are so many circumstances playing on you, so many difficulties, so many adversities, so many resistances, that to think you could do these great things with yourself is just wishful thinking. But I wonder if it isn't possible to becomes, with the help of God, anything you want yourself to be."

Join us on 2/24 between 11:30am and 3pm for the film "Become What You Want To Be." It will be shown throughout the day. The Museum and prayer chapel will also be open all day.

Dr. Peale once wrote, "As long as you live, no situation is hopeless. Some situations are pretty tough, but none is hopeless. There are no hopeless situations. As long as you have life and God, so long as you have Christ and your own intelligence, why should any situation be hopeless? I'll tell you why situations look hopeless. It is because you have let your mind get too low, too negative, too full of fear. It is because you don't believe in yourself anymore, you don't really believe in God, or in Jesus. Actually you don't believe in life itself. Start believing and get strength, such as God has promised you, from God, Who is good.

     The statesman Mirabeau, whose clear thinking and dynamic personality influenced the course of the French Revolution, once said, "Nothing is impossible to the man who can will." I believe that. What is will? It is the determination, the commitment, that you will do something. "Nothing is impossible to the man who can will."  To have a strong will it must be backed up by faith. So, strengthen that will of yours by strenghtening your faith. God is good. He is a tower of strenght. He listens to you. So instead of regarding an unsatifactory situation as hopeless, face it with a will. Then you can change it."

Philippians 4:13 says, "I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me." Whay not join us on 2/17 for the NVP sermon video "Drop That Hopeless Idea." and learn how to find the strength to overcome any problem. It will be shown throughout the day from 11:30am - 3pm - come anytime. The museum and prayer chapel will also be open all day.

Dr. Peale once wrote: "The Empire State Building, in its day, was the greatest building in New York City, and it is still a marvelous structure. Seeing it reminded me of a boy who lived far downtown in New York in devastating poverty. When his father died, frinds had to chip in to buy a cheap coffin. His mother worked ten hours a day in an umbrella factory and continued far into the night at home. He joined a dramatich society in his church and got such a thrill out of acting that he decided to try public speaking. He did so well that at the age of thirty he was elected to the New York State Assembly. They put him on the committee on banking; he had never had a bank account up to that time. He was so discouraged trying to read the bills that came before him that he couldn't understand, that he almost decided to quit.

     I'm talking about Alfred E. Smith, four time Governor of New York State. He was a solid citizen who believed in the American system of freedom under God. And he realized his dream of buildning the tallest building in the world, the Empire State Building. Once I sat with him in that building and said, 'Governor, you've had a great career. Tell me about it.'

    He smiled and replied, 'My mother always believed in me. She said there was something in me that God would bring out if I allowed Him to do so.'

     So if you are not satisfied with your life right here and now, say to the Lord, 'Lord I thank You for making me different. And help me to be diffferent. Help me to bring out of myself the great person that is within me.' What God can make out of a person is simply astounding.

Why not join us to discover how to live life and love it. The video is about 1/2 hour long and will be shown throughout the day from 11:30am - 3:00pm. The museum exhibits and the prayer chapel will be open throughout the day. 

Dr. Peale once wrote: "That sinsiter thing called worry or fear is the strongest power in the world save one. The greater power is faith, faith in God; faith is the supreme power made available to human beings. Therefore, when you worry, drop just one word into the mass of nervous fear thoughts in your mind - the powerful word faith.

     Faith has the power to absorb fear, drain it off, and heal you of worry. Think faith, practice faith as much as you have been practicing worry, and you will cancel out worry.

     Are you aware of your potential power over worry? When you have real faith, when you are a true believer, what you can do becomes almost incredible.

     Therefore the Bible tells us, "If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, 'Remove hence to yonder place'; and it shall remove: and nothing will be impossible unto you (Matthew 17:20) And again, "Whoever shall say unto this mountain, 'Be thou removed, and be cast into the sea', and shall not doubt in their heart, but shall believe that those things which thewy saith shall come to pass; they shall have whatever they saith." (Mark 11:23) Visualize your worry habit  as that "mountain" and, in the power of the Lord, bring resolute and sturdy faith up against it to destroy it forever."

     Join us 12/09 as Dr. Peale explains the sure cure for the worry habit. Film will be shown throughout the day from 11:30AM - 3PM every 30 minutes. The historical displays and prayer chapel will also be open all day.

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